The path to record breaking yields is marked with milestones. Follow along from planting to harvest as Steven Albracht, Tim Fisher and Earl Wetta document every stage of development. Every day is sure to bring new challenges and big achievements.

Steven Albracht Update - Emergence
Steven’s sorghum crop emerged on June 6, 2016 with a stand count of 97,000. There has been no rainfall since planting on May 31, but the weather has been mild. Steven irrigated his plants on June 16 and 20 to compensate for the lack of rain.
Albracht-emergence-1 Albracht-emergence-2
Tim Fisher Update - Emergence
Tim saw emergence in his Sorghum Shootout fields on May 1. He recorded a stand count of 120,000 plants per acre, and his plants look to be on track for some record yields this season.
Earl Wetta Update - Planting
Kansas has been experiencing excessive rains this spring, which has, unfortunately, pushed Earl Wetta’s planting date back later than he had planned. But after a couple dry weeks in early June and some light disking, he was able to plant into ideal moist soil conditions on June 17, 2016. Earl chose a Phillips 672 seed variety for his Shootout milo; planting in 30-inch rows with a seed depth of 1 inch and a seed rate of 37,000. His herbicide program consists of 1.5 quarts of Lexar® EZ Herbicide applied preplant and another 1.5 quart of Lexar EZ applied pre-emergence.
Earl’s land is not irrigated, but thanks to increased rainfall, his crop should have what it needs during the crucial early growth stages. To help the crop along, he applied Stoller Stimulate™ Yield Enhancer (8 oz/A) tank mixed with 5 gallons of 10-34-0 starter fertilizer in-furrow. He had also applied 140 units of anhydrous (N) back in early March with the intent to plant his sorghum in May, but Mother Nature had other plans, as she often does. We are excited to see how his sorghum performs this season in spite of the later planting date. With good weather conditions, a little nurturing and the help of some yield enhancing products from Stoller, Earl feels good about his chances to have a very high yield.