The path to record breaking yields is marked with milestones. Follow along from planting to harvest as Steven Albracht, Tim Fisher and Earl Wetta document every stage of development. Every day is sure to bring new challenges and big achievements.

Steven Albracht Update - 5‑6 Leaf Stage
Steven’s plant growth is progressing nicely despite no rainfall since planting on May 31. He has been maintaining a regular irrigation schedule due to extremely hot and dry temperatures, at some points reaching and exceeding 107 degrees this summer.

Steve irrigated on June 25, 28, 29 and July 7. He applied Stoller Bio-Forge® and X-Tra Power on June 25 at the V5 plant stage to promote optimum hormone balance and combat the hot and stressful growing conditions. Steve went back and applied Stoller ReZist and Bio-Forge® mixed with one gallon of molasses on July 1 when the plants reached the V9/V10 growth stages.
Tim Fisher Update - 5-6 Leaf Stage
Below are some images taken approximately 6 weeks after planting. At pre-boot stage, Tim applied 100 lbs. of potash and 100 lbs. of urea, with plans to make a pesticide application in July for defense against late season pests.
Despite heavy rainfall and thunderstorms with winds reaching up to 70 mph, the plants are off to a strong start and are showing ideal leaf development and root system growth. Fisher is well on his way to hitting some record yields with his milo this season.

Earl Wetta Update - Emergence
Earl noticed emergence in his Shootout sorghum on June 23 after three-quarters of an inch of rain the evening before. He recorded a stand count of 34,000 plants per acre. The plants are looking good and seem to be on track despite the later-than-planned planting date.