The path to record breaking yields is marked with milestones. Follow along from planting to harvest as Steven Albracht, Tim Fisher and Earl Wetta document every stage of development. Every day is sure to bring new challenges and big achievements.

Earl Wetta Update - Heading Stage
Even with a late start this season, Earl’s sorghum has caught up and reached 50 percent flowering on August 19, 2016.
It hasn’t required too much management thus far. The leaf tissue sampling he conducted earlier in the season showed adequate fertilizer levels in the plant, so he decided there was no need for additional applications. He has noticed head worms in the crop and has applied a generic pyrethrin (3.84 oz/A) to manage these pests. Earl’s milo received 1.6 inches of rain on August 7 and another 0.3 inches of rain on August 12. There have been moderate temperatures all season long, which has resulted in strong growth. We are looking forward to seeing Earl’s yield results at harvest. Earl Wetta_Heading
Steven Albracht Update – Heading Photos
Steven Albracht is well on his way to some record yields this season. He's hoping this is what 250+ bu/A sorghum looks like!
IMG_1086 IMG_1087 IMG_1100
SA 3

"Typically this time of year, sorghum plants are losing their bottom leaves. But none of that is happening here - the plants are green and healthy, which is just the way I want it," explained Steve. Each leaf contributes to sunlight capture, which ultimately helps pack the weight into the grain.