The path to record breaking yields is marked with milestones. Follow along from planting to harvest as Steven Albracht, Tim Fisher and Earl Wetta document every stage of development. Every day is sure to bring new challenges and big achievements.

Earl Wetta Update - Dough Stage
Earl is happy to report his milo is looking good. The heads have reached soft dough stage and are showing color.
He’s struggled with sugarcane aphids and sprayed for them at the end of August. There has been a moderate amount of rainfall, so the field conditions were wet when he made his pass for aphids, but they were able to get in OK. As of September 27, the plan is to harvest the sorghum in approximately three weeks. Stay tuned for a harvest update in late October.
Steven Albracht Update - Dough Stage
Despite the lack of rainfall early on, this season has been good to Steven. His Sorghum Shootout milo is looking strong, and the only pests he’s really had to deal with lately are some pesky blackbirds.
On August 4, Steven applied 3 oz of Headline® to help with disease control and improve overall plant health. And, again, on August 19, he made a pass across his fields with 1 qt NDemand® liquid fertilizer, 8 oz Stoller X-Cyte™ and 1 gallon of molasses for improved grain fill in these critical growth stages. Steven has been able to give his irrigation schedule a break thanks to the 2.25” of rain on August 8, 1.85” on August 31 and another 3.50” on September 6. The sorghum is in full dough stage, and we are waiting anxiously to see the results of this full-season management come harvest time.
Steven Albracht - Field Tour
Steven Albracht and his Stoller team, including sales representative Mike Lewallen, hosted the National Sorghum Producers (NSP) Sorghum Insider group on September 8 in Hart, Texas.
Sorghum Insider is NSP’s exclusive two-day program that takes industry partners, elevators and end users through the entire U.S. sorghum industry while covering important issues impacting production, policy, markets and more. The growers traveled to Albracht’s farm for a field tour and to learn more about his intensive management practices and participation in the 2016 Sorghum Shootout. Both Steven and Mike spoke about the Stoller technology driving Steven’s milo crop this season as well as the value of investing in a crop throughout the season for an even greater return in yield at the end of the year.