Tim Fisher's Milestones

Follow Tim Fisher from planting to harvest.

Tim Fisher Update - Harvest Stage

On August 12, Tim’s sorghum was growing over his head, and he was set to harvest his Sorghum Shootout field two weeks later. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. During the first couple weeks of August, Tim’s fields were hit with extended periods of heavy rains and warm temperatures that caused his milo to sprout while still growing in the field. As a result, he was unable to submit a yield for the grain sorghum contest.

The hard truth is that growers never really know how the chips may fall and what weather they’ll be handed each season. They can only roll with the punches and get back up, hit after hit. Tim plans to set out again next season in the hopes that Mother Nature will be on his side this time. He will once again arm his plants with the best protection at his disposal and manage the crop all season long, still determined to hit a new sorghum yield record.

Tim Fisher Update - Heading Stage
Despite struggling with too much rain and high winds reaching 70 mph, Tim’s sorghum is looking great! We’re talking crops-over-your-head great! Just check out the photo below. No, Tim is not kneeling down.
Fisher sorghum

(Photo courtesy of Sorghum Checkoff)

The crop reached 50 percent flowering around July 4. Tim applied 6 oz Syngenta Quilt Xcel® Fungicide and 4 oz Bayer Sivanto® Insecticide tank-mixed with Stoller X-Cyte™ to help with pollination during the hot Arkansas summer temperatures. Tim also applied 2.5 lbs per acre of Stoller Harvest More™ Urea Mate and 4 oz Bio-Forge® to enhance the growth and development while reducing the impact of environmental stress conditions on his crops. His crop plan is definitely working, resulting in some out-of-this-world sorghum. We can’t wait to see his yield results post-harvest.
Tim Fisher Update - 5-6 Leaf Stage
Below are some images taken approximately 6 weeks after planting. At pre-boot stage, Tim applied 100 lbs. of potash and 100 lbs. of urea, with plans to make a pesticide application in July for defense against late season pests.
Despite heavy rainfall and thunderstorms with winds reaching up to 70 mph, the plants are off to a strong start and are showing ideal leaf development and root system growth. Fisher is well on his way to hitting some record yields with his milo this season.

Tim Fisher Update - Emergence
Tim saw emergence in his Sorghum Shootout fields on May 1. He recorded a stand count of 120,000 plants per acre, and his plants look to be on track for some record yields this season.
Tim Fisher Update - Planting
Tim planted his Pioneer® 84P80 sorghum seed on April 17. With a plant population of 120,000 plants per acre, his sorghum was planted in 30-inch rows, 1 inch deep into dry soil conditions. Tim is utilizing conventional till management practices, and his fields are row-water irrigated. Prior to planting, he applied 100 lbs. of sulfate, 150 lbs. of potash and 25 units of nitrogen.

By treating his seed with Bio-Forge® and Stimulate™ Yield Enhancer, his plants are off to a good start, mitigating the stress from early spring rain and cool temperatures. Following planting, Tim applied a side-dress application of total phosphate. Below are some photos of Tim planting his sorghum fields on April 17.

Fisher planting 1 Fisher planting 2