Emergence Milestones

Follow champion growers chronicle their Emergence stage milestones.

Earl Wetta Update - Emergence
Earl noticed emergence in his Shootout sorghum on June 23 after three-quarters of an inch of rain the evening before. He recorded a stand count of 34,000 plants per acre. The plants are looking good and seem to be on track despite the later-than-planned planting date.
Steven Albracht Update - Emergence
Steven’s sorghum crop emerged on June 6, 2016 with a stand count of 97,000. There has been no rainfall since planting on May 31, but the weather has been mild. Steven irrigated his plants on June 16 and 20 to compensate for the lack of rain.
Albracht-emergence-1 Albracht-emergence-2
Tim Fisher Update - Emergence
Tim saw emergence in his Sorghum Shootout fields on May 1. He recorded a stand count of 120,000 plants per acre, and his plants look to be on track for some record yields this season.