Tim Fisher Update - Planting

Tim Fisher • June 22, 2016

Tim planted his Pioneer® 84P80 sorghum seed on April 17. With a plant population of 120,000 plants per acre, his sorghum was planted in 30-inch rows, 1 inch deep into dry soil conditions. Tim is utilizing conventional till management practices, and his fields are row-water irrigated. Prior to planting, he applied 100 lbs. of sulfate, 150 lbs. of potash and 25 units of nitrogen.

By treating his seed with Bio-Forge® and Stimulate™ Yield Enhancer, his plants are off to a good start, mitigating the stress from early spring rain and cool temperatures. Following planting, Tim applied a side-dress application of total phosphate. Below are some photos of Tim planting his sorghum fields on April 17.

Fisher planting 1 Fisher planting 2