Tim Fisher Update - Heading Stage

Tim Fisher • August 25, 2016

Despite struggling with too much rain and high winds reaching 70 mph, Tim’s sorghum is looking great! We’re talking crops-over-your-head great! Just check out the photo below. No, Tim is not kneeling down.
Fisher sorghum

(Photo courtesy of Sorghum Checkoff)

The crop reached 50 percent flowering around July 4. Tim applied 6 oz Syngenta Quilt Xcel® Fungicide and 4 oz Bayer Sivanto® Insecticide tank-mixed with Stoller X-Cyte™ to help with pollination during the hot Arkansas summer temperatures. Tim also applied 2.5 lbs per acre of Stoller Harvest More™ Urea Mate and 4 oz Bio-Forge® to enhance the growth and development while reducing the impact of environmental stress conditions on his crops. His crop plan is definitely working, resulting in some out-of-this-world sorghum. We can’t wait to see his yield results post-harvest.