Tim Fisher Update - Harvest Stage

Tim Fisher • November 17, 2016

On August 12, Tim’s sorghum was growing over his head, and he was set to harvest his Sorghum Shootout field two weeks later. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. During the first couple weeks of August, Tim’s fields were hit with extended periods of heavy rains and warm temperatures that caused his milo to sprout while still growing in the field. As a result, he was unable to submit a yield for the grain sorghum contest.

The hard truth is that growers never really know how the chips may fall and what weather they’ll be handed each season. They can only roll with the punches and get back up, hit after hit. Tim plans to set out again next season in the hopes that Mother Nature will be on his side this time. He will once again arm his plants with the best protection at his disposal and manage the crop all season long, still determined to hit a new sorghum yield record.