Steven Albracht Update - Planting

Steven Albracht • June 22, 2016

Due to excessive rains in the area, Steven ended up planting later in the season than he had originally planned. Prior to planting, manure was applied to the field in the fall to prepare for this year’s sorghum crop. He also ripped the ground twice and ran a finishing plow to prepare an ideal seedbed.


Steven is planting Pioneer® 84G62 and Pioneer® 84P72 sorghum seed. The seed was treated with Stoller Stimulate™ Yield Enhancer and Bio-Forge® ST to help the crop develop a solid root structure and encourage uniform emergence. Steven also applied a herbicide program consisting of Bicep Lite II Magnum® with Sharpen® Herbicide to keep the fields clean of weeds and drive burndown of broadleaf weeds.

Albracht-planting-3 Albracht-planting-2
He planted into moist soil conditions on May 31, with a plant population of 105,000 seeds, 30-inch rows and a three-quarter inch to 1-inch seed depth. Being in the Texas Panhandle, things can get hot and remain dry, so Steven’s sorghum field is pivot irrigated to compensate for when Mother Nature is being stingy with the rainfall.