Steven Albracht Update - Dough Stage

Steven Albracht • September 30, 2016

Despite the lack of rainfall early on, this season has been good to Steven. His Sorghum Shootout milo is looking strong, and the only pests he’s really had to deal with lately are some pesky blackbirds. On August 4, Steven applied 3 oz of Headline® to help with disease control and improve overall plant health. And, again, on August 19, he made a pass across his fields with 1 qt NDemand® liquid fertilizer, 8 oz Stoller X-Cyte™ and 1 gallon of molasses for improved grain fill in these critical growth stages. Steven has been able to give his irrigation schedule a break thanks to the 2.25” of rain on August 8, 1.85” on August 31 and another 3.50” on September 6. The sorghum is in full dough stage, and we are waiting anxiously to see the results of this full-season management come harvest time.