Earl Wetta Update - 5‑6 Leaf Stage

Earl Wetta • July 29, 2016

Kansas’ weather conditions have taken a turn from excessive rainfall in the early spring to ideal growing conditions for a yield-busting milo crop. Earl’s sorghum has seen over 1.5 inches of rainfall into mid-July. With 1.4 more inches of rain coming on July 18 followed by five days of 100+ degrees, these crops are practically exploding. Weed control still looks great without the need for any pesticide applications.
“However, the counties surrounding our fields have been reporting sightings of the sugarcane aphid, so I’m keeping a close watch and scouting my fields daily,” said Wetta.
Earl made a foliar application of Bio-Forge® on July 26 to help his plants maintain a healthy level of plant hormones and maximize their nutrient uptake. The plants are currently in the pre-boot stage and expect to begin heading in about two weeks. Earl was also concerned about the amount of nitrogen still left in his fields. He decided to do a leaf tissue sampling for the first time and sent it off to be analyzed at the local lab. He’s eager to see the results of that test.
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